business mediation

What is the benefit of Business-Mediation?

Companies do have their typical topics and their own language. Therefore Mediation in business context is a special task.
There is for sure a compentency for dispute resolution within your company, but it can be important to involve a neutral person.

Goals and Business Mediation can be:

  • Maintain or improve relationships with important customers or suppliers.
  • Achieve consens in an environment of conflicting interests.
  • Create valuable ideas out of different opinions
  • Enable trustful teamwork again where fundamental disputes made collaboration impossible.
  • Scenarios: restructuring, right-placement, merger, escalated disputed, bullying
  • Resolving conflicts based on intercultural differences

Why do Conflicts Cost Money?

Conflicts in business are not only annoying, they cost money:

  • Relationships to customers or vendors are disturbed or distroyed.
  • Low productivity during working hours.
  • Energy is wasted through needless communication.
  • Lack of communication that leads to extra efforts.

Do You Witness Bullying?

Bullying is an extreme and special form of a conflict and should not be mixed up with day-to-day disagreements. It is well-known that bullying can harm physical and mental health and also lead to economic damage. Therefore bullying is something that needs to be reacted upon.
I offer you my support to analyse and evaluate a situation that seems to be bullying and to develop a strategy to face it.

My Qualification for business Mediation

In the context of business mediation I combine two areas of my competencies:
my expertise as mediator and my long experience as a manager in the business area.
Business topics and language – also in an international environment – are well known to me. This helps to support acceptance amongst conflict parties.
If required, a mediation can be done in English.

You are interested in a lecture about business mediation? Please contact me.