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What is mediation?

Mediation is a process to resolve conflicts. The goal is to achieve arrangements between opponents, which are self-responsible, out of court and which stop further escalation. Solutions are negotiated, which meet the needs of the involved conflict parties.

Why mediation?

Court decisions are expensive and time-consuming. The results of successful mediation are sustainable, self responsible, save time and money.

Mediation makes sense, if the conflict parties don’t see a chance anymore to find a solution by their own means, e.g. if the conflict is heading towards a destructive desaster.

Help through a third party not involved in the conflict makes sense and is desired.
Being open for a constructive solution is the precondition for a successful mediation.

What I offer:

As the mediator I am in charge for the process of mediation. I am responsible to guide the conflict partners through the phases of a mediation and to support them. The sustainable solution itself is defined by the parties. – Here (!)

the competence for a solution is to be found. As a mediator, I activate this competence and I help putting it all together to an agreement.

Mediation is a powerful tool that can be used in various areas of the social live. Relationships always go with conflicts – more or less:

  • profession and business
  • marriage and partnership
  • family
  • friendship
  • neighborhood
  • societies and associations
  • pending legal disputes

Mediation for elderly people and their relatives:

Especially regarding family affairs, a forgiving and respectful attitude should be in the focus of the further relationship.
Elderly people and their relatvies, who wish support when seeking for solutions regarding existing or pending conflicts may inform theirselves about the power of mediation.
Examples for possible topics are:

  • arrangements regarding inheritance in the lifetime
  • dispute within the family – path to conciliation
  • retirement and relationship
  • how to create retirement
  • succession planning in your company
  • transcribing real estate

Gather information about my work. Describe your concern, and we discuss, whether mediation is the appropriate approach for you.
The precondition for mediation is, that all involved parties are willing to come to an agreement. I regard it as my task to take the first step, if you want me to. If your hesitate to get into contact with a person that you are closely connected to, I am ready to do this for you as a neutral person. The next step would be to stay into contact, to use mediation to resolve the issues.

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